Our Mission

The Foundation is organized exclusively for education, scientific, and charitable purposes. Specifically, the Foundation shall research, design, produce and disseminate educational materials which advance and develop integrative and interdisciplinary studies between artists and scientists and the understanding thereof, to enable mankind to live in harmony with nature, by securing a quality environment for all life, thereby enriching the human condition.

img_2208The Sun Foundation works to assist, strengthen, and advance the arts and environmental sciences in rural and urban communities by providing quality and innovative programs, services, regranting financial support and cooperative efforts for the general public, underserved groups, schools, Illinois artists and local arts organizations.

To date the work of the Foundation has touched the lives of over 5.8 million people through programs, artists residencies, teacher training, fine art curriculum development for elementary schools, performances, exhibits, conferences, lectures, artist symposiums, master classes, summer arts programs, after school art programs, technical assistance, publications, regranting, and public broadcasting. Over 16,695 artists and scientists have been contracted, $2,194,900 in state and federal grants awarded from the IAC, NEA and state board of education, and a total of $9,806,234 in funds raised through public contributions and grants and expended to improve the quality of education, and returned to the economy of our community. Over $468,000 has been awarded area artists, art groups, and schools in Marshall, Putnam, LaSalle and Bureau counties through the Sun Foundation Regranting program, funded through a matching grant from the IAC, a state agency. The Sun Foundation newspaper reaches 30,000 homes and businesses, promoting the arts, artists, arts organizations, environmental sciences, and other organizations programs and services.