Primitive Fire Making

Primitive Fire Making

Basic CMYKStudents will explore many aspects of primitive fire from where and how to build proper fire, structures for survival, primitive living, material and tinder collection and how to get the maximum use out of a fire when in a primitive living situation. Students will also learn about, construct and explore all aspects the two most universally primitive fire-making methods, the Bowdrill and the Handrill. We will also cover material selection and modifications for specific environments. By the end of this class you will be able to make a working fire kit anywhere in the world!



Instructor:  Tom Brown III

Date:  To Be Announced

Time:   To Be Announced

Location:  ASAP Barn, located at the Sun Foundation

Fee:  $75

For: 13+

*Minors must have parent/guardian in attendance with them.

For more information contact the Sun Foundation by phone: 246-8403 or by email: 

About the Instructor: 

Tom has been a practitioner and teacher of primitive technology, tracking and nature observation. Trained from birth by his father, Tom Brown Jr., founder of the world-renowned Tracker School, Tommy is considered to be one of the foremost instructors of primitive technology and primitive wilderness survival on the planet. Upon returning to the tracker School in 2003, he educated thousands of students from all over the world until his leaving the school in late 2009.

Tom has now combined his naturalist and life experiences by starting his own school known as Primitive Arts Collective, to continue education people in the ways of our ancestors and passing down the skills that were at the forefront of their lives.