Bee Workshop

Basic Beekeeping

Mad about Bees


Class Date & Time:

2017 Workshop to be announced

Meet at the Sun Foundation Pavilion

1276 Sun Rd.

Washburn, IL 61570

Cost: $15.00 + Plus the cost of bees (if you order your own package)

Class Description:

This will cover the basics of beekeeping. We will look into equipment considerations, where to put the bees, how the bee life
cycle works, swarms and swarm behavior, swarm traps, hive maintenance, and building your own components. We will also
demonstrate how to install a package of bees live!!
If you are going to keep bees this year, you should order your package bees asap! Here are some places you can look:
You can order them via mail from Walter Kelly
Dadant and Sons
Long lane Honey Farm east of Champaign IL (pick-up only)
Also has a lot of beekeeping advice/resources for you to get a good head start on the class.
Dan Fitzpatrick is a 5th generation farmer and has been keeping bees for four years. Currently he teaches Chemistry,
Physics, Agricultural science, Environmental Science, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology at La Moille High school.