Osage Self-Bow Class

There is an incredible sense of achievement in shooting a bow that you’ve made from scratch. This class is not just for the hunter, but for anyone interested in bow making.

Imagine taking large game with a bow crafted by your own hands. The class will give an opportunity to work with a recognized professional bowyers, Perrin Hendrick and Brett Ericksen They will cover the basics of primitive archery from wood selection to finished bow. Their countless of hours of experience and traditional Native American background make them great teachers, no matter what your previous experience. They will also bring plenty of examples of work, including traditional brain tanned quivers. At class end, each student will have completed their own osage orange bow.

Students should bring lunch and drink. Dress comfortably. We suggest students should bring their own draw knives, cabinet scraper and Nicholson # 49 rasp. We will have several extra on hand but please bring your own if you can.

Date: To Be Announced
Place: Sun Foundation Center
Adults Only (16-18 with permission)

Instructors: Perrin Hendrick & Brett Ericksen

Fee: $525 per student

Off sight camping at Marshall County Conservation Area, 3 miles away.


This workshop is a part of the Aboriginal Survival Arts Program (A.S.A.P.). A.S.A.P is a group of naturalists and primitive skills specialists with over thirty years of training & teaching experience. In addition to the regular staff, nationally recognized authorities teach advanced skills workshops. A wide range of programs and workshops are offered to students that lead to self-empowerment, independence, and increased learning capabilities.

For information call 309-246-8403 or e-mail us at info@sunfoundation.org or brettroot@yahoo.com