Primitive Fire Making Class

Date: TBA
Fee: TBA
For: adults, students, families, Scouts & schools
Place: Blue Heron Farm, rural Washburn, IL
Camping & Lodging Available

During this two-day class students will explore Many aspects of primitive fire from where and how to build proper fire structures for survival and primitive living, Material and tinder collection, as well as how to get the maximum use out of a fire when you are in a primitive living situation.

Students will also learn about and construct the two most universal primitive fire-making methods, The Bowdrill and the Handrill. We will explore all aspects of these two ancient techniques. We will also cover material selection, and modifications for specific environments. By the end of this class you will be able to make a working fire kit anywhere in the world. Join us to Explore this ancient art!

About Our Instructor

Tom Brown III, W-EMT
Founder, Primitive Arts Collective

Tom has been a practitioner and teacher of primitive technology, tracking and nature observation since he has been able to walk. Trained from birth by his father, Tom Brown Jr., founder of the world-renowned Tracker School. For several years he spent time wandering the United States in search of adventurous challenges and in practice of his skills throughout the national forests as well as cities and suburbia. Upon returning to the Tracker School in 2003 he educated thousands of students from all over the world until his leaving the school in late 2009. Tommy has now combined his naturalist and life experiences by starting his own school in the Cincinnati area while also traveling abroad, In the hopes of educating people in the ways of our ancestors and passing down the skills that were at the forefront of their lives.

This workshop is a part of the Aboriginal Survival Arts Program (A.S.A.P.). A.S.A.P is a group of naturalists and primitive skills specialists with over thirty years of training & teaching experience. In addition to the regular staff, nationally recognized authorities teach advanced skills workshops. A wide range of programs and workshops are offered to students that lead to self-empowerment, independence, and increased learning capabilities.

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