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Together We Shine – Part 1
Together We Shine – Part 2
An Arts & Science in the Woods Program Documentary
created by Eve Studnicka, a former AISW student

EveFor six years I attended Art & Science in the Woods as a student. I splashed through marsh waters with my socks and shoes on. I danced along to the ever popular “Banana Phone” perpetually blasting over the loud speakers. I participated in silly hat day and eagerly had my face painted every morning. I also learned the art of plaster casting from one of Peoria’s most renowned sculptors as well as how to throw pots on a wheel while a ceramicist from Champaign gave me encouragement and pointers. This poignant fusion of professional technique and pure fun went all but undetected to me during that week in June. I was too busy hiking up hills and through ravines, passing spider webs and the tallest White Oak in Illinois on my way to class. It wasn’t until I could stand back and examine my time at Art & Science in the Woods that I was able to put my finger on what it was that made that camp so special. It wasn’t any specific feature that put ASIW in a class all its own, but rather the seamless melding of every element that should be incorporated into every child’s learning experience. The connection to one’s surroundings, the exposure to media and techniques that are not “dumbed-down” for younger participants, the passionate and wise individuals passing along their knowledge, and the wholeheartedly enjoyable and kid-friendly atmosphere; these are all much discussed in idealistic contemplation of the younger generation’s education, but rarely manifested. At ASIW, they all fell into place for me in a way that profoundly impacted the way that I both learn and teach to this day. As a videographer, I endeavor to follow the three basic principles that are at the core of the ASIW learning experience: exposure, interpretation, and creation. They are parts of a beautiful cycle that I fell into the day I arrived at ASIW, and one that I am honored to be able to utilize to give back to a wonderful program and organization. “  ~ Eve