Shining light and bringing perspective through the arts and environmental sciences.

The change Sun Foundation works to strengthen & advance the arts & environmental sciences in rural and urban communities by providing quality & innovative programs, services, publications, research, regranting financial support and cooperative efforts for the general public, underserved groups, schools, Illinois artists and local arts organizations.

Arts & Science in the Woods:

Art and Science in the Woods is a weeklong day camp held at the Sun Foundation Art and Nature Center inthe month of June, where students age 6-18 can experience hands on learning and creative inspiration in a beautiful setting from professional artists and scientists.

Suzuki School of Music:

The Suzuki School of Music teaches students the Suzuki method of music instruction. This method helps students develop in many ways, including listening and motor skills, use of right and left-brain, self-esteem, prose, and love of music. Parents are an integral part of the Suzuki method and are expected to attend lessons and become the teacher at home.The Suzuki School of Music’s office is located at the Sun Foundation Center in rural Washburn, while the instruction takes place at the The Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria. Instruction normally begins in late August and meets until May.  THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE PENDING AVAILABILITY OF CERTIFIED SUZUKI TEACHERS.

Clean Water Celebration

The Clean Water Celebration is an environmental classroom for students, teachers, community leaders, and the general public. This two day, four-event program takes place in three different locations throughout the Peoria area. Clean Water Celebration encourages us to learn to improve water quality, to think critically and creatively about adequate and safe water supplies, and to promote the wise use of natural resources.

Community Arts Access Grant Program:

The Community Arts Access Re-Granting Program awards local schools, organizations, and individuals with funding to implement educational opportunities for students. Each year in cooperation with the Illinois Arts Council, the Sun Foundation awards arts grants in underserved areas of Bureau, Marshall, Stark, and Woodford counties.

Workshops Offered:

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Expeditions Offered:

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