Clean Water Celebration

This year’s Clean Water Celebration is dedicated in memory of
Clean Water Navigating Committee Member and Supporter

GeorgeAnn Siwicke.

The Sun Foundation invites students, teachers, community leaders, and the general public to attend the Peoria Clean Water Celebration, April 27th and 28th, 2014. This two day, three event program takes place in three different locations (Peoria Riverfront, GAR Hall, and Peoria Civic Center). Clean Water Celebration encourages us to learn to improve water quality, to think critically and creatively about adequate and safe water supplies, and to promote the wise use of natural resources.

The Clean Water Celebration is a conference for middle/high school students, general public and focuses on water. Keynote sessions are presented to large audiences or these students to create a base of knowledge that will help them be better waste stewards. Smaller breakout sessions focus on specific water quality issues that teachers can choose for their classes to study.

Clean Water Celebration Environmental Classroom will be held

April 27 & 28, 2014.

The Sun Foundation Presents Student Impact, Think Globally and Act Locally

Sunday, April 27 – General public

       4:00 pm Opening ceremonies – Gateway Building Fountain – No charge or reservation needed.
Opening Ceremonies and Native American Blessing of the Waters by “Hayna or White Beaver” Sine, elder from the Winnebago Ho-Chunk tribe.  You are
invited to bring a small container of water from your local surface or groundwater
source and be a part of the ceremonies.
     5:30 pm – Dinner & Lecture, GAR Hall 416 downtown Peoria
LECTURE-Student Impact, Globally and Locally
Pontiac Township High School students under the guidance of educator, Paul Ritter, created a simple class project of properly disposing of expired and unused drugs called P2D2, Pontiac Prescription Drug Disposal program. Discover how their work grew into a nationwide drive and created global attention and public awareness resulting in better water quality for everyone.http://p2d2program.wordpress.comPontiac Township High School students are on another challenge, an endangered species conservation project. Students searched for a species in Illinois and found the alligator snapping turtle. Not only looking to what they can do, these students created a program, Operation Endangered Species – the Alligator Snapping Turtle Project, which empowers other classrooms to participate in researching and raising the turtles. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will release the turtles.


Register for Clean Water Celebration Dinner and Keynote Lecture


Clean Water Celebration Environmental Classroom

Monday, April 28 – School groups and general public.

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Peoria Civic Center – No charge. Reservations needed.
See registration form for program details and registration instructions:
Clean Water Celebration 2014 Registration

 KEYNOTE SESSION – Student Impact, Globally and Locally  (Sessions from 9:00 am-10:00 am or 11:00 am-12:00 pm)

Pontiac Township High School students under the guidance of educator, Paul Ritter, created a simple class project of properly disposing of expired and unused drugs called P2D2, Pontiac Prescription Drug Disposal program. Discover how their work grew into a nationwide drive and created global attention and public awareness resulting in better water quality for everyone.

Pontiac Township High School students are on another challenge, an endangered species conservation project. Students searched for a species in Illinois and found the alligator snapping turtle. Not only looking to what they can do, these students created a program, Operation Endangered Species – the Alligator Snapping Turtle Project, which empowers other classrooms to participate in researching and raising the turtles. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will release the turtles.


ENVIRONMENTAL STREAMS 3 – 20 minute sessions that equal 1 hour in all.
Environmental Streams are designed to give teachers and their classes more substance and science content. The content in these streams will cover goals 4, 12, 13, 16, and 22 of the Illinois Learning Standards. Each teacher will be able to take their class to a stream of three twenty-minute presentations on WATERSHEDS, AQUATIC LIFE/FISH, and RECYCLING. 4A, 12A, 12B, 12E, 13B, 16E, 22C / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2, ESS2, ESS3

EXHIBITS Hands on activities at booths available from 9:00-2:00.


Session 1 – The Great Balance Keepers of the Ocean – Chris Fischer, OCEARCH 10:30-11:15 (only)

This year OCEARCH Expedition Leader and Founding Chairman Chris Fischer will lead his 20th global ocean expedition to conduct groundbreaking research on great white sharks and other apex predators – much of which has been chronicled by The National Geographic Channel, HISTORY and the world’s top news media who have generated over 6,000 stories on Chris and OCEARCH to date. Chris will share first-hand stories, pictures and stunning video of his team’s amazing work with these feared and revered creatures about which so little is known. He will share his passion for achieving the impossible including catching the largest fish ever caught and released alive, bringing world class scientists and fishermen together at a scale never previously unattained, generating unprecedented data while sharing it in near real time with PhD’s and the public on the Global Shark Tracker, creating a first of its kind STEM Education Curriculum, pulling together sustainably-minded blue chip sponsors like Caterpillar – all to ensure a future for the balance keepers of the ocean. Beyond the mesmerizing impact of a high-powered multimedia experience and presentation style, Chris Fischer converts audiences
to enlightened advocates who understand that without sharks our ocean could simply become water rather than a thriving interconnected web of ecosystems and amazing sea life. 4A, 12A, 13B / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2

Session 2 – Choose Your Path and the Good Red Road – Jimmy Lakota, Traditional Native American dancer, drum and Jo Lakota, Native American storyteller and artist (45 minutes)

What are your choices? Whatever you choose, travel the Native American Way of conscious living on the earth. Learn through song, drum, dance, and stories of this thoughtful way of living and gain a new perspective on your impact, your conscious choices.  4A, 18A, 27A, 27B / CC ELA SL / NGSS ESS3

Session 3 – A River of Stories – Tales and Tunes with Brian “Fox” Ellis, Storyteller and educator (45 minutes)

Sailing down the Illinois River this interactive program will include history, science, poetry, and a chance for students to tell their own tales. Brian “Fox” Ellis will celebrate our relationship to the wet, watery world around us. 4A, 12A, 13B / CC ELA SL

Session 4 – The History of Science, as Told by Mark Twain and performed by Warren Brown,  Mark Twain Scholar (45 minutes)

Mark Twain said “Inventors are the creators of the world—after God.” This presentation is a first-person Chautauqua-style program by Warren Brown as Mark Twain. You will journey on water, land, and air, sharing insights from the Diaries of Adam and Eve to friendships with inventors and thoughts about Galileo and Newton. “I have found out there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain 4A, 16A / CC ELA SL

Session 5 – Speak Up and Speak Out, A Students Responsibility to Carry the Torch - Oba William King, Poetic Storyteller, JUSTUSarts Educational Entertainment, Illinois Arts Council’s Traditional Folk-Art Fellowship Recipient, Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholar, Sun Foundation Arts and Science in the Woods Instructor (45 minutes)

Utilizing Language Arts via Traditional Folktales, Spoken Word, Poetry and Song, students Will explore the obligations and responsibilities we all share in regard to Water Conservation and the Clean Water theme. Students will have the opportunity to share their thoughts via poetic verse, haiku and or personal narrative as they demonstrate their own understanding of why it is important to be responsible citizens when it come to water conservation 2A, 2B, 4A / CC ELA SL, W

Session 6 – Dr. Coldwater’s Solution for Storm Water Pollution – Dr. Ian Coldwell Coldwater aka Matthew Jones, Water Resource Education Specialist and Storyteller (45 minutes – 30 students at a time max)

What is storm water? How does it get polluted? Why should we worry about this? What can we do to help keep it pure as rainwater? Join Dr. I.C. Coldwater as he helps to draw the picture storm water plays in our lives and the very strong connection between it and the health of our communities. 4A, 12B, 12E / CC ELA SL3 / NGSS ESS3

Session 7 – River Music, Songwriting to Celebrate Humanities Link to the Waters – Barry Cloyd, full time, touring Singer/Songwriter (45 minutes)

With 9 CD’s, 200 plus shows per year and an extensive touring schedule some of Barry’s most effective original songs have been based around and focused on the rivers as their primary subject matter. Barry’s nature classroom for 14 years of his music career has been an authentic paddlewheel riverboat (which he performs on up & down the Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri Rivers) and his kayak, as he has explored, researched and written about rivers and their amazing historical importance. In this presentation, Barry and his students will work together to bring out their own creativity in a song that they write, and can take with them to sing their passion about what clean water and healthy, verdant rivers mean to all of humanity. 4A / CC ELA SL, W

Session 8 – Writing Stories about Water Solutions – Tim Magner, Green Sugar Press (45 minutes)

Splitting up into small groups, each group will develop and write a water themed fiction story – complete with characters, locations, action, problems and solutions. 4A, 13B / CC ELA W

Session 9 – Conserving Water the Animal Way – Jill Roderick, Peoria Zoo (45 minutes)

We’ll be looking at how animals use water, from rainforest to desert animals, their bodies have learned ways to conserve and recycle. 4A, 12A, 12B / CC ELA SL

Session 10 – Saving Illinois Wildlife – Sara Tate, Wildlife Prairie Park (30-40 minutes)

Join Wildlife Prairie Park and discover amazing Illinois wildlife. We will learn about a variety of native animals and get to meet some live examples up close. Students will discover why so many animals in our home state have become endangered or threatened and what they can do to help save these amazing animals.4A, 12A, 12B / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2

Session 11 – Amphibians as Indicator Species – Doug Holmes, resident herpetologist Peoria Zoo (30-45 minutes)

Find out what amphibians can tell us about the health of our environment while learning about the effects of chemicals on amphibians, the importance of amphibians, and how we are all connected. 4A, 12A, 12B / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2

Session 12 – Protecting our Water: What dissolves in water, good or bad? - Dr. Bob Williams, Rivers Project
(45 minutes)

During this session the students will explore the solubility of some common chemicals in water.  Then, they will discuss the importance of protecting water from being contaminated. Examples of Common chemicals in the water will be discussed during the final minutes of the presentation. 4A, 12B, 22C / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2

Session 13 – National Wild Turkey Federation Illinois Rivers of Trees Conservation Initiative (30 minutes)

The NWTF is embarking on a new initiative called “Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt”. This initiative is special to central Illinois in that the Illinois and Kaskaskia River watersheds area part of our national focus for habitat restoration. Extreme spring flooding along the IL River this year is a prime example of habitat degradation close to home. Students will learn the importance of habitat conservation that is happening near their home towns while also seeing how practices to conserve wild turkey populations affect their daily lives in central Illinois. Students will also learn the importance of supporting conservation funding programs such as Illinois habitat stamp program. 4A, 12B, 13B / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2

Session 14 – River Works Discovery, a program of the National Rivers Hall of Fame presented by Ann Schmitt and Renae Stenger, Peoria Riverfront Museum and sponsored by CF Industries (30 minutes)

America’s great rivers have been winding their way through the lives of millions of Americans and countless species of wildlife since well before the United States came into existence. Your students will dive into the commerce, culture, and conservation of America’s rivers through informative, entertaining, and fun hands-on activities. Your students will leave with a greater understanding andappreciation for the value of our great rivers and the challenges facing them. Students will learn how our waterways affect their lives, and how the choices they make can affect the health of rivers and streams.  This should be a rip roaring good time, hope to see you here! 4A, 12E, 17B / CC ELA SL,

Session 15 – River Sweep – JD Russell, Illinois River Sweep (30 minutes)

Learn how youth are involved in an annual cleaning up the Illinois River and discover how you can become stewards for our river. 4A, 22C / CC ELA SL

Session 16 – Why Wetlands Matter – Shae L. Birkey – Kim Blundy, Water Resources, Caterpillar Inc. (30 minutes)

Wetlands, prairies, and forests are not only a vital habitat form many species of wildlife throughout the United States and the world. They provide us clean drinking water, prevent flooding, and provide erosion control, among many other benefits. This understanding of how these habitats work and their benefits to water quality has changed over time and today, they are better understood as places that provide vital habitat for wildlife and are seen as beneficial systems that provide great value – ecologically and economically. Natural area restoration has become a large-scale effort her in the U.S. and globally as a result of this new understanding. This presentation will cover the many types of restoration efforts and their value to people and animals. Question asking and student participation is welcomed. 4A, 17B, 17C /CC ELA SL

Session 17 – Nurture Nature or Move: Lessons from Ancient Native Americans – Michael Wiant, Illinois State Museum-Dickson Mounds (45 minutes)

Drawing on archeological and ethnohistoric research, it is clear that some societies so depleted local resources that they were forced to move to a new location. Using this as a conceptual foundation, we consider the impact of meeting our basic needs in the future. 4A, 13B, 17C / CC ELA SL

Session 18 – Restoring your Past – Bringing Back Prairies – Ed Anderson, Educator (45 minutes)

Learn how to establish a prairie on school grounds or in your yard. Explore the ecology of Illinois prairies of the past, present, and future. Examples of native prairie plants will be on display. Root packets for starting prairies will be available for teachers. 4A, 12B / CC ELA SL

Session 19 – Duck Dilemmas – Eric Schenck, Ducks Unlimited (30 minutes)

Ducks are popular and highly visible wild animals that are enjoyed by people of all ages.  This presentation will highlight some of the basic differences between the 17 species of  ducks common to Illinois and focus on ecological factors that affect their populations. Participants, both youth and adult, will gain a greater understanding of the diversity of waterfowl in our natural world and of the challenges facing waterfowl conservation. 4A, 12 B / CC ELA SL

Session 20 – Be Part of the Solution to Plastic Pollution – Jody Tockes, environmental steward, educator, artist, The Hive, LLC.  (45 minutes)

Through open discussion and hands-on activity students will be educated on how plastic is negatively impacting our bodies and our planet’s major bodies of water. They will learn how their purchases decide what exists in the world and will be given the tools to share what they learn in the session with others. 4A, 13B, 22C / CC ELA SL

You may come for the entire day or any part of the day.

Exhibitor Registration

Where can you find over 3000 students, teachers and business professionals mingling amid exhibits on riverbank erosion, water treatment, wildlife of the wetlands, aquatic life and the benefits of recycling? and all having a fun and educational experience in “the most important environmental classroom in the United States?” It’s at Clean Water Celebration 2014 and you’re invited to participate!

Please join us at the Peoria Civic Center on Monday April 28, 2014, as an exhibitor…and watch the magic begin!

This year’s theme Student Impact: Think Globally and Act Locally

The Clean Water Celebration is the world’s largest clean water festival (right here in Peoria!) and has become a model for other water festivals across the country. CWC 2014 is a joint project of the Sun Foundation and the Rivers Project, which encourages students to make a difference in protecting our nation’s most precious natural resource.

Admission is free to all.

Displays for 2014, primarily middle school students who will attend, should have most of the following characteristics:

The key element is interactivity. The display should not be a passive picture but a set of tools, a game, a problem to solve, or a skill to learn. As you are designing your display, do not spell out the information; allow the participants a chance to discover the idea for themselves. Set up a problem that encourages them to learn a useful skill. “What can I do?” should be asked and answered by each student.

More than 2500 students could view your exhibit. Some will stroll past, passively glancing at your materials, some may stop and ask a question, some will become entirely involved, but your display’s goal is to entice observers to participate or to take a closer look at the tools you have provided. Keep in mind all three levels of participation.

Exhibitor booth spaces are 10’x10’ and include 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, drapery, and a sign.

Set-up times are Sunday, 4/27/14– 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Monday, 4/28/14 – 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM

Prices are:

Non-profit organization exhibit booths @ $110 (for each 10’x10’ space)

Business/agencies exhibit booths @ $200 (for each 10’x10’ space)

Schools (K-12 and above ) exhibit booths @ $50 (for each 10’x10’ space)

Additional tables @ $10 (for each 10’x10’ space)

Electrical hook ups @ $40 (for each 10’x10’ space)

Lunches (Veggie or Regular) @ $10.25

The Exhibitor form can be downloaded and filled out here:

CWC exhibitor form 2014

Or you may register online here:
Online Registration

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