Clean Water Celebration


The Sun Foundation invites students, teachers, community leaders, and the general public to attend the Peoria Clean Water Celebration, April 19th and 20th, 2015. This two day, three event program takes place in three different locations (Peoria Riverfront, GAR Hall, and Peoria Civic Center). Clean Water Celebration encourages us to learn to improve water quality, to think critically and creatively about adequate and safe water supplies, and to promote the wise use of natural resources.

The Clean Water Celebration is a conference for middle/high school students, general public and focuses on water. Keynote sessions are presented to large audiences or these students to create a base of knowledge that will help them be better waste stewards. Smaller breakout sessions focus on specific water quality issues that teachers can choose for their classes to study.

Clean Water Celebration Environmental Classroom will be held

April 19th and 20th, 2015.

The Sun Foundation Presents:

Many Lands-One Earth

Water Wisdom From Around The World

People who live close to the land share a deep respect for the earth and her creatures.
This reverence is best expressed in their stories and songs.  From the African Rainforest
to a Japanese Garden, from the Prairies of the North America to the Irish Sea, storytellers
Brian “Fox” Ellis, Oba William King, Anne Shimojima, Jo and Jimmy Lakota will take us on a
journey that gives us a deeper appreciation for our wet, watery world and a deeper connection
to the earth.  From ancient voices we learn the science and wisdom that moves us into the future.

Sunday, April 19th – General public

       4:00 pm Opening ceremonies – Gateway Building Fountain – No charge or reservation needed.
Opening Ceremonies and Native American Blessing of the Waters by “Hayna or White Beaver” Sine, elder from the Winnebago Ho-Chunk tribe.  You are
invited to bring a small container of water from your local surface or groundwater
source and be a part of the ceremonies.
     5:30 pm – Dinner & Lecture, GAR Hall 416 downtown Peoria


Clean Water Celebration Environmental Classroom

Monday, April 20 – School groups and general public.

9:00 am – 2:00 pm Peoria Civic Center – No charge. Reservations needed.


Application for Financial Assistance for Mason, Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford County Schools to Attend Clean Water Celebration
Clean Water Celebration 2015 Registration
 KEYNOTE SESSION ENVIRONMENTAL STREAMS 3 – 20 minute sessions that equal 1 hour in all.
Environmental Streams are designed to give teachers and their classes more substance and science content. The content in these streams will cover goals 4, 12, 13, 16, and 22 of the Illinois Learning Standards. Each teacher will be able to take their class to a stream of three twenty-minute presentations on WATERSHEDS, AQUATIC LIFE/FISH, and RECYCLING. 4A, 12A, 12B, 12E, 13B, 16E, 22C / CC ELA SL / NGSS LS2, ESS2, ESS3EXHIBITS Hands on activities at booths available from 9:00-2:00.SPECIAL EVENTS: To be announced Feb 2015
You may come for the entire day or any part of the day.

Exhibitor Registration

Where can you find over 3000 students, teachers and business professionals mingling amid exhibits on riverbank erosion, water treatment, wildlife of the wetlands, aquatic life and the benefits of recycling? and all having a fun and educational experience in “the most important environmental classroom in the United States?” It’s at Clean Water Celebration 2014 and you’re invited to participate!Please join us at the Peoria Civic Center on Monday April 20, 2015, as an exhibitor…and watch the magic begin!The Clean Water Celebration is the world’s largest clean water festival (right here in Peoria!) and has become a model for other water festivals across the country.Admission is free to all.Displays for 2015, primarily middle school students who will attend, should have most of the following characteristics:The key element is interactivity. The display should not be a passive picture but a set of tools, a game, a problem to solve, or a skill to learn. As you are designing your display, do not spell out the information; allow the participants a chance to discover the idea for themselves. Set up a problem that encourages them to learn a useful skill. “What can I do?” should be asked and answered by each student.More than 2500 students could view your exhibit. Some will stroll past, passively glancing at your materials, some may stop and ask a question, some will become entirely involved, but your display’s goal is to entice observers to participate or to take a closer look at the tools you have provided. Keep in mind all three levels of participation.Exhibitor booth spaces are 10’x10’ and include 8’ skirted table, 2 chairs, drapery, and a sign.Set-up times are Sunday, 4/19/15– 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Monday, 4/20/15 – 6:00 AM to 8:30 AMPrices are:Non-profit organization exhibit booths @ $110 (for each 10’x10’ space)Business/agencies exhibit booths @ $200 (for each 10’x10’ space)Schools (K-12 and above ) exhibit booths @ $50 (for each 10’x10’ space)Additional tables @ $10 (for each 10’x10’ space)Electrical hook ups @ $40 (for each 10’x10’ space)Register Online 


Clean Water Celebration Exhibitor Form 2015

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Clean Water Celebration Sponsors

Sponsored by Sun Foundation, Illinois American Water Company, area businesses & corporations